"punishment, good faith service" PC119 in March 15, 2002 set up to accept supervision of the entire social services, specializing in IT outsourcing services. SOP uphold the quality of service management system, based on its business philosophy to attract former Tsinghua Tongfang, Tsinghua Unisplendour, Lenovo, Founder computers, such as Beida Jade Bird joined talents to form a nearly one professional team of technical services.
PC119 housekeeping, one-stop service --- the most systematic, efficient, safe, professional solutions and services it. The protection of data security, open networks, reducing energy consumption, enhance the enterprise value is our persistent principle. All staff are provided with small and medium-sized city 100 vip high-quality service to service to win customers trust and rely on. Coverage of the capital of it outsourcing services is in progress ......  

  • Overall technical team: relying on Tsinghua Tongfang worked, Tsinghua Unisplendour, China's electronics, such as Beida Jade Bird technological talents and management talents, after nearly 7 years the accumulation of technical services to form a complete system of quality of service sop.

  • Core technical team: experienced senior network engineer, senior systems engineer.

  • The core management team: 95, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology Computer Science, 92, graduated from Jilin University, computer science, worked for Tsinghua Tongfang, China's electronics, Chen Yao Technology (US-listed code: csn), such as a number of important domestic and foreign listed companies technology, management positions. nearly two decades of senior industry background, professional service system of the system.

  • System Integration Division: responsible for undertaking a variety of computer network systems, the Group of the telephone system, access control monitoring and control system design, construction and installation of network equipment. Mainstream network products and suppliers (such as Cisco, 3COM, Link SYS), a server product suppliers (such as IBM, HP, DELL, etc.) and software suppliers have a long history of good relations of cooperation.

  • Website Development: Web Design provide enterprise, web promotion, domain name registration, virtual host, such as professional services.

  • Customer Service: Service of complaints, quality supervision, and client training, call center and to assume among the various departments in between, and customer coordination.

  • it service studio: Studio 5, a logistics distribution center, each studio from 10 to 15 people, nearly a hundred people of IT technical services personnel. contract customers desktop system
  • maintenance and rescue services to the specific implementation. System through the first door-to-door services, inspection services, emergency services, remote services such as fast response to solve customer requirements.