It outsourcing case:

Part of Customer Name:
Chun Tung Beijing Automotive Technology Services Advisory Co., Ltd.
Asia Air Medical(Beijing)ltd.
Beijing Eagle Agency Ltd. International Transport of Goods
Beijing Beagle Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.
Reputation of Hong Kong Branch (Beijing) Office Furniture Co., Ltd.
Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Markham education
Lock & Lock Korea (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd.
Beijing Century Advertising Co., Ltd. All prescribed
Shanghai Ocean Business Services Limited Beijing Branch
Beijing Pan Am International Aviation School
Beijing Han SENTAI and Consulting Co., Ltd.
Sagawa Logistics Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch
Qingdao Sea Logistics Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch Chun
Japan 10,000 shells Clubs in Beijing
Beijing Century Gifts Co., Ltd. Zhen-Long
Beijing public hospital management in Kant Technology Co., Ltd.
Neat and smart Yichi U.S. International Advertising (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
The earth to sing Beijing Television Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou brilliant culture Communications Limited
Dahongmen Fengtai District, Beijing, the first primary
Courier International Logistics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Legend Studios Beijing Times
Beijing Lianhua Europe International Fashion Technology Exchange Center
batefoo Wood (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Top Genesis Beijing Jia Investment Co., Ltd.
Beijing Century Gifts Co., Ltd. Zhen-Long
Kellogg School of Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Beijing
Advertising Co., Ltd. Beijing Fiberxon
aristeiasport (Beijing) Consulting Co., Ltd.  
British Worth Wei Co., Ltd. Beijing Representative Office
Beijing watches tendasige Clothing Co., Ltd.
Shengyuan jiefuxi Wang (Beijing) Trade Co., Ltd.
Beijing Changhong Studios
Umea Institute of Beijing rolling stock
Green Flooring Co., Ltd. Beijing
Beijing Fangyuan Comba investment limited liability company
Isard. Yet Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Jie Beijing Masayuki stomatological hospital
Beijing eai Wine Co., Ltd.
Fire Engineering Co., Ltd. Beijing Thunder
Ding Beijing in building construction and fitting-Engineering Co., Ltd.
Beijing Jia Network Alliance
TU are outside the (Beijing) Human Resource Consulting Company
Co., Ltd. Beijing amazing home
Beijing Arbor Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Style capital of Beijing Furniture Co., Ltd.
Gauteng Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Left up to (Beijing) Consulting Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Huaqiang Sanyo Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Law Firm in Beijing Jinghua
Anjie Shanghai Public Relations Consultants Ltd.
Dali the United States (Beijing) Advertising Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.huilong
Beijing Shun Technology Co., Ltd. Hang Seng Bank
Hanson increases shengheng Management Consultants Limited
Beijing Construction Engineering Design Co., Ltd. balance
Guardian Auction Co., Ltd. Beijing online
Beijing Kai-Long Law Firm
Ya Shi and Management Consultants (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Watson Engineering Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Bi-spectrum lighting design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
The presence of (Beijing) Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd.
Oriental Vincent International Logistics Management Company Limited
Hanchang Korea Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Beijing bikangming Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Sources of Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing China
Step Beijing Co., Ltd.
Sun Life venture in Beijing Decorative Material Co., Ltd.
Press the Taiwan Strait
Beijing Kai-ying Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Wei step of Electrical and Electronics Products Co., Ltd.
Fubon Tak Beijing Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Advertising Co., Ltd. Beijing Blue Road
Beijing Chinese Medicine Equipment Co., Ltd. Sony
Beijing Wen uranium Media Limited shimen
Beijing Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. Jiazhen
Beijing Fu for International Cargo Agent Co., Ltd.
View of pool (Beijing)
Ze Sheng Shandong Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing Office
Beijing Zhenhua Express Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
China Children and Teenagers to experience the natural sub-base
terian (Tianjin) Trade Co., Ltd.
Shanghai deange Global Adviser
HK-Asia Agricultural Economic Consulting Co., Ltd. (Beijing Office)
Beijing Ying Jia Group (a media consultant Limited)
Gomal Medical Instruments (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Shen Yang, Shanghai Advertising Co., Ltd.
Tuo-dimensional design of Beijing Co., Ltd.
Multi-dimensional super-Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing
Beijing next jiesun Consulting Co., Ltd.
Beijing Oliver lighting design & P Consultants Limited
HK Research Institute of China Limited Beijing Representative Office
Beijing Dadi Law Firm
Beijing Kyushu League of Advertising Co., Ltd.
Beijing East into a new dimension of product design Consulting Co., Ltd.
Beijing letter lingke Enterprise Planning Co., Ltd.
Beijing international accounting firms ansun Co., Ltd.
Kau Ying Beijing Interior Design Consultants Limited
Beijing middle Manley business limited liability company
Beijing Four-Dimensional Solution Co., Ltd.
Beijing Sino-US medical supplies special new limited liability company
Beijing taizhiyou scentfic development Co., Ltd.
International services andustrie beijing office
Phase instruments (beijing) limited
Beijing goldberg marketwg consultahgy Co., Ltd.
Beijing sirui legend international advertising Co., Ltd.
Beijing yajabey international Co., Ltd.
Jin tao international Co., Ltd.
Beijing ntn_seohan driveshaft Co., Ltd.
Qinren century advertising (beijing) Co., Ltd.
China ecapital corporation
Xinjiang Guanghui Petroleum Co.,Ltd.
Oceans sports & entertainment marketing ltd.
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